Culture Fitter offers a range of services. Whether you need a salesperson, a board member for your organisation, or a temp, we can take care of it.

International Recruitment

Expanding your sales or marketing team? Whether you stay within your country or go abroad in search of local top talent – Culture Fitter finds the right people for you. We are always mindful of your company culture and all the constant changes in selling and marketing.

From account managers, sales managers, business development managers and inside sales staff all the way through to product managers, marketing managers and digital marketers… Culture Fitter helps you find the best match.

Executive search

The world around us is constantly changing – and at an ever faster pace. Companies have to move along with it, which also means that leadership is changing. Leading a company or a team during such a transition is beautiful and challenging. But it only works if you have future-proof leaders who can see and solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Culture Fitter is a specialist in finding out exactly who and what you need, finding that specific candidate to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a CEO, COO, CFO, sales director, commercial director or marketing director – or all of them!


Need help on a temporary basis and at short notice? Even with temporary solutions, it’s important that an employee feels connected to your company and really adds value. Culture Fitter can introduce you to exactly such a candidate.

Colleague ill for too long? On maternity or parental leave? Or maybe you want to take a break yourself? No problem. We’ll find the most suitable replacement. Want to explore the foreign market without immediately hiring a full-time salesperson? No prob – we’ll quickly find a solution for you.


Wondering about possibilities or opportunities? Please send us an e-mail or, even better, give us a call!