About us

What’s better than connecting the right people to the right culture? A company culture where people recognize themselves, and in which they enjoy working? A place where people learn to use their full potential…

The right match between people and culture

Culture Fitter fits the right people into the right place – exactly the kind of people who fit the corporate culture perfectly. People who feel they are part of an energetic machine that passes on all the energy. Because it’s precisely this good fit between people and culture that makes employees feel the chemistry, doing things that suit them, that they are good at, and thus enhancing their passion for their work. Don’t you think this will help improve your business results?

Let’s face it: you want to see your people happy, don’t you? You want them to enjoy working hard while ensuring they feel comfortable when making progress together. That’s what the right people in the right place are capable of. They experience more job satisfaction, they stay longer in your company, and evolve and grow.

More dynamics, involvement and passion

Bringing in new blood for a team is often an accelerating factor in the process of change. Acting as ambassadors for the kind of change you want to see. This infuses more energy overall.

The perfect match between people and culture brings more dynamism, commitment and passion. By adding more energy, you’re making a direct contribution to better results and sustainable business growth.

Personal attention

Culture Fitter does not believe in “one size fits all”. It’s more a question of people. And customized work. Whether you’re a client or a candidate, you get sincere, personal attention. Answering questions like: Who are you, What do you want, What do you stand for, Where do you want to go? Yes, we conduct extensive interviews with you, so that we can really get to know you. And when required, we carry out analyses and tests. The result is a complete picture – of your team, your organization, and your new candidate.

Global network

Building a local team abroad or ‘just’ expanding your business locally? Thanks to an ever-growing network, Culture Fitter can quickly make the right match. All over the world.

About the founder: Sander Bruinsma

Since 1997 Sander Bruinsma has been committed to a series of commercial roles both on the management and the strategic levels, but now it’s time for a new step forward. And Culture Fitter is exactly what Sander stands for: recruitment that is results oriented, creative, analytical and showing concern and attention for people.

Sander’s passion for the international playing field, for people, culture in the broadest sense of the word, and strategy, all form the bedrock for this outstanding recruitment company. After years travelling and of living all over the world, Sander has found his home. At Culture Fitter.

Brand purpose

Entrepreneurship is about more than just making profits. In fact, Culture Fitter believes in people and mission to achieve that profit. It starts with the well-being of the employees, and then company results will follow. Taking responsibility and creating a company culture that achieves growth – that’s what it’s all about. And this is why we help companies in the global PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) industry to find the best possible candidates – professionals suitable for the job and fitting the company culture.


Helping companies in the PPE industry and people worldwide to fully achieve their growth ambitions by making the right match between culture and candidate.


With a passion for people and business, connecting the best-fitting professionals to companies in the global PPE industry.

Our core values

Passion: everything we do, we do with passion. We use that energy to spark things off, to inspire and to deliver the best results – for both company and candidate.

Ambassadorship: we act as good hosts, so that people, brands and companies feel represented.

Reliability: we say what we do and we do what we say, in a transparent, careful and responsible way.

Inclusive leadership: involving, motivating and valuing people brings growth and happiness. With good leadership, we help make the world a little better every day.

Diversity: Culture Fitter believes that people with different ideas, interests and cultural backgrounds are needed for a company to grow. We encourage good conversations and differences of opinion. And we think it's important that people can be themselves.

Just curious?

Wondering about possibilities or opportunities? Please send us an e-mail or, even better, give us a call!